Monday, November 8, 2010

Amigurumi -- A new obsession.

So, as part of the big slump.  I taught myself to crochet.   

I'm sure there's  a deep psychological reason for why yarn and knots and loops and patterns appealed to me at this time, but I'm too lazy to get into it. 

Let's just say I was a little obsessive about it.  Particularly when I discovered amigurumi 

According to Wikipedia, amigurumi is the "is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures."  O.K.   All I know is even my cold, black heart melted when faced with the yarn-based cuteness of something like this.  

I made him, from a book called Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden (a.k.a. NeedleNoodles).  This was my first "real" crochet project, which should tell you something about me.   

The thing about amigurumi?  It's compulsive.  You can't make just one.  So I made more.  And more.  And more.  Now, most of them will be leaving my house as holiday gifts, but I have no doubt that I will make more to take their place.  I've made zombies, and aliens, and cats and snitches and....

As I complete my little yarn friends, I'll post them here.  For no other reason than I think that they're cool.  


  1. Okay, it's not crochet, but judging by your example here, you might like Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate, if you haven't seen it already. They are adorable and scary all at the same time.