Sunday, March 28, 2010

Judgement Afore: Movie Trailers!

Hey Everybody --

This weeks "stuff I love" will be delayed till I'm in a better mood -- I'm getting a cold and there's not much I love right now.

Instead, let's make my bad mood work for me by getting judgmental on some movie trailers! These are all childrens' or teen books that have been adapted to film.

So, I think the internet had a collective Geek-gasm when the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World went live...

.. and it does look really fraking sweet.   I like Edgar Wright, but most importantly, it looks like he stayed true to the over the top feel of the comics.  My only quibble is casting -- sorry, but I don't think Michael Cera is the right guy for this.  He's just too milquetoast-y.  I understand that I'm in the minority on not liking Michael Cera, but honestly, I've just never warmed up to the guy.  Love Ramona's hair colors though, that's not something that really comes through in a black and white comic, :)

Next up, Ramona and Beezus.   Jezebel slammed this...

..and I can see their point.  Selena Gomez is NOT Beezus.  I do think that "sex kitten" might be taking it a bit far.  Everybody cast in this is too attractive, (Hello Uncle Hogarth!) but I guess that's Hollywood.  Ramona looks right, and it looks like they are combining plot points from a lot of books.  Of course, if Beezus doesn't have to eat tongue, I will be deeply disappointed.

Great, now I'm thinking about Ramona Quimby growing up to date Scott Pilgrim. Bah!

To get that image out of my head, Beastly.

This book was in the "liked, not loved" category for me. I remember thinking it was sort of mild for Alex Flinn, who usually writes edgier fare. I guess that the "beast" looking like Voldemort is an interesting twist, and the two leads are fine, even if Vanessa Hudgens is too pretty. You know why I will go see this movie? -- Neil Patrick Harris. Doctor Horrible FTW!

and finally, something not appropriate for teens. The Losers.

I'm only vaguely familiar with the Vertigo comic that this is based on, but from what I see, they got it right. It looks loud and violent, which was my main impression of the graphic novel. I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jason Patric, and will be interested to see what Chris Evans can do when he's not in a stupid movie like Fantastic Four

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